"The Unknown" sparks mans interest in many different ways. Human beings strive to want to know what they cannot understand. We seek thrills and many of us enjoy being scared. The thrills our imaginations and heightened senses can give us are endless, and stopped only by our conscious efforts. It is for these reasons that I have developed this unit into a blogging research unit.

This Blog-search is designed for the ELA 10A course and consists of ten in-class hours broken up into twenty half classes. Each of these classes is laid out in the modules found under the module link.

Set Up
In the pre-project class, students must sign up for and be able to use the following tools: Gmail, social bookmarking, blog, Google docs, Google presentation, Google advance search, Voicethread and Edmodo. (Find all of these in the links page)


This unit was developed off of the ideas presented at the k12_online_2007.jpgConference in 2007 by Konrad Glogowski.